Hello. Helô.

Welcome to my personal website.

99% of my life is spent accompanied with a camera. Telling stories through a lens is my passion.

Having been involved with the media industry from a very young age, I have grown up with the workings of TV, Film. Naturally my career has enabled me to experience a variety of roles, from staring as a runner and moving very important plant pots to make a set look pretty and making questionable cups of tea, to now producing and directing feature length productions for audiences worldwide.

January 2021 and winning the Evening Standard ‘Brilliantly British’ photography competition, which was a total surprise, encouraged me to take the next step with my photography and turn professional as a commercial and press photographer. My images of which are now regularly published in national and international media outlets, both online and in printed press, including; The Times, The Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, Sun, The Mail, Guardian, Wall Street Journal as well as others. Updates of my published work can be found on the blog section of this website. 

Being a freelancer has enabled me to work around the U.K. and I’m fortunate to have received international recognition for my work whether that be in TV, Film or Photography. I love sourcing uplifting, inspirational stories and bringing these stories to the forefront where they belong. From time to time my work involves me participating in what I wish to capture, so it always varied and exciting. If you would like to join me on my creative adventures you can follow me and my work on social media via the following links: